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Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence: Open Access Journals

This guide to research resources that support the study of intelligence and counter-intelligence in international affairs.

Open Access Journals

Athena Intelligence Journal
ISSN: 19885237
Publisher: Athena Intelligence
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish, English
Keywords: terrorism, insurgency, political science
Start year: 2006

Business Intelligence Journal
ISSN: 19182325
Publisher: Business Intelligence Service
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Keywords: business, management, economics, strategy, intelligence
Start year: 2008

Cultures & Conflicts
ISSN: 17775345
Publisher: L'Harmattan
Country: France
Language: French
Keywords: political violence, immigration, security, antiterrorist laws, antiterrorist practices
Start year: 1990

Homeland Security Affairs
ISSN: 1558643X
Publisher: Naval Postgraduate School
Country: United States
Language: English
Keywords: homeland security, homeland defense, strategy, terrorism, disaster response, intelligence, counter-terrorism
Start year: 2005

International Journal of Security
ISSN: 19852320
Publisher: Computer Science Journals
Country: Malaysia
Language: English
Keywords: information security, computer security, cryptography, privacy protection, biometrics, access control
Start year: 2007

ISYP Journal on Science and World Affairs
ISSN: 15741311
Publisher: International Student/Young Pugwash (ISYP)
Country: Netherlands
Language: English
Keywords: ethics, security, nuclear weapons
Start year: 2005

Journal of Military and Strategic Studies
ISSN: 1488559X
Publisher: University of Calgary
Country: Canada
Language: English, French
Keywords: military history, security, strategic studies
Start year: 1998

The Journal of Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies
ISSN: 17697069
Publisher: Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche sur les Sociétés et les Institutions Post-Soviétiques
Country: France
Language: French, English, Russian, German
Keywords: social sciences, security systems, armed forces, power institutions
Start year: 2004

Journal of Security Sector Management
ISSN: 17402425
Publisher: Cranfield University
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Keywords: security sector reform, defence diplomacy
Start year: 2003

Peace, Conflict and Development

ISSN: 17420601
Publisher: University of Bradford
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Keywords: human rights, democracy, community, culture, war, security, environment, conflict resolution
Start year: 2002

REXTER : Politicko-Sociolický Časopis

ISSN: 12147737
Publisher: Centrum pro bezpečnostní a strategická studia
Country: Czech Republic
Language: Czech, Slovak, Enghlish
Keywords: radicalism, extremism, terrorism, security threats
Start year: 2002