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History, Asia *: Maps

A guide to sources in the histories of Eurasia outside of the subcontinent of Europe.

China/Japan Historical GIS

Harvard's China Historical GIS project seeks to develop detailed mapping of China through a range of periods of Chinese history. A companion project concentrates on Japan.

East Asian ("Sea of Korea") Maps Collection

The East Asian Library has a collection of 172 maps drawn by European and American cartographers, dating from the early 17th to the late 19th centuries. Some of the maps focus on one or another country in East Asia, but many show all of Asia. All have been digitized and can be viewed in zoomable images that allow for examining in close detail. They can either be browsed through the collection list or viewed in chronological sequence. The latter set does not allow for zooming.

Google Maps: Asia

See Asia--and the world--through Google Maps, which allow you to zoom in and out across the continent.

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection

The University of Texas' Perry-Casteñeda Library offers online access to their fine collection of maps of Asia, as well as of historical maps of the Middle East.

Digital South Asia Library : Maps

Columbia University's Digital South Asia Library provides access to several historical maps of India.