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Finding Aid: Robin Dunitz California and Los Angeles Murals Files: Muralist files


Artist files are arranged alphabetically. Classification: "A" for artist, followed by the appropriate letter of the alphabet and an accession number.


A-A-1. Adrem Creative. 3 items

A-A-2. Aguirre Uriarte, Mario. 2 items

A-A-3. Alewitz, Mike. 21 items

A-A-4. Alexander-Sykes, Jacqueline. 6 items

A-A-5. Alicia, Juana. 20 items

A-A-6. Alston, Charles. 23 items

A-A-7. Almaraz, Carlos. 6 items

A-A-8. Alonzo, Daniel. 1 item

A-A-9. Ames, Arthur and Jean Goodwin. 10 items

A-A-10. Anguiano, Raul. 3 items

A-A-11. Anno, Kim. 4 items

A-A-12. Ansell, Jill. 10 items

A-A-13. Arenivar, Robert. 1 item

A-A-14. Armstrong, Samuel. 1 item

A-A-15. Ausgang, Anthony. 4 items

A-A-16. Avalos, Guillermo. 4 items

A-A-17. Avila, Glenna Boltuch. 8 items

A-A-18. Anthony, Julia.  1 item


A-B-1. Baca, Judy. 45 items

A-B-2. Ballin, Hugo. 20 items

A-B-3. Baltazar, Raul. 4 items

A-B-4. Bardol, Francois. 5 items

A-B-5. Barron, Slater. 3 items

A-B-6. Bartels, Marlo. 4 items

A-B-7. Bartlett, Ivan. 3 items

A-B-8. Beckman, John Gabriel. 3 items

A-B-8.5. Bejarano, Guillermo. 2 items

A-B-9. Benish, Barbara. 9 items

A-B-10. Bergman, Miranda. 2 items

A-B-11. Berlant, Tony. 4 items

A-B-12. Biberman, Edward. 6 items

A-B-12.5. Bleifer, Sandy. 2 items

A-B-13. Bloch, Lucienne. 6 items

A-B-14. Bloomfield, Scott. 6 items

A-B-15. Bloomberg, Donald. 1 item

A-B-16. Bornstein, Noa. 13 items

A-B-17. Botello, David. 12 items

A-B-18. Botello, Paul. 29 items

A-B-19. Bowerman, Mark. 12 items

A-B-20. Boyd, Jane. 3 items

A-B-21. Boyle, Neal. 2 items

A-B-22. Brandiff, George. 1 item

A-B-23. Brandt, Richard. 6 items

A-B-24. Bravo, Joe. 2 items

A-B-25. Brown, Greg. 2 items

A-B-26. Brucelyn, Ruben. 5 items

A-B-27. Burciaga, Jose Antonio. 9 items

A-B-28. Bellocq, Pierre. 1 item


 A-C-1. Callejo, Carlos. 2 items

A-C-2. Campero, Armando. 1 item

A-C-3. Campusano, Chuy. 5 items

A-C-4. Cardenas, Cristina. 2 items

A-C-5. Carr, Carla. 4 items

A-C-6. Carlton, Russell. 8 items

A-C-7. Carrasco, Barbara. 2 items

A-C-8. Cerney, John. 12 items

A-C-9. Cervantes, Susan Kelk. 6 items

A-C-10. Cervantez, Yreina. 10 items

A-C-11. Chaka. 2 item s

A-C-12. Charlot, Jean. 2 items

A-C-13. Clark, Alson Skinner. 2 items

A-C-14. Clements, Grace. 9 items

A-C-15. Cockcroft, Eva. 50 items

A-C-16. Collins, Dan. 1 item

A-C-17. Conal, Robbie. 1 item

A-C-18. Cook, Brett. 1 item

A-C-19. Cookee of California. 3 items

A-C-20. Cornwell, Dean. 6 items

A-C-21. Cox, Allyn. 6 items

A-C-22. Cox, Anthony. 1 item

A-C-23. Cronk, Rip. 4 items

A-C-24. Crumpler, Dewey. 15 items

A-C-25. Charnick, Arnie. 1 item

A-C-26. Cinzano, Ernesto. 1 item


A-D-1. Davis, Alonzo. 24 items

A-D-2. Davis, Lew E. 7 items

A-D-3. Day, Lawrence. 4 items

A-D-4. de Batuc, Alfredo. 13 items

A-D-5. de Bruin, Joan. 3 items

A-D-6. de la Loza, Ernesto. 27 items

A-D-7. de la Rocha, Beto. 1 items

A-D-8. Delgado, Roberto “Tito”. 13 items

A-D-9. Dennis, Senay. 6 items

A-D-10. Deutsch, Boris. 3 items

A-D-11. Dike, Phil. 8 items

A-D-12. Dixon, Maynard. 7 items

A-D-13. Dore, Betty. 12 items

A-D-14. Douglas, Haldane. 2 items

A-D-15. Drinning, Sandra. 2 items

A-D-16. Duquette, Elizabeth. J. 1 item

A-D-17. Debora, Fabian "Spade". 1 item


A-E-1. Earth Crew. 48 items

A-E-2. East Los Streetscapers. 67 items

A-E-3. Edmonds, June. 5 items

A-E-4. Edwards, Eddie L. 10 items

A-E-5. Escamilla, Rafael Rivera. 1 item

A-E-6. Esparaza, Paul. 6 items

A-E-7. Estrada, John. 11 items

A-E-8. Evans (Mark) and Brown (Charles). 32 items

A-E-9. Eve, Elizabeth. 9 items


A-F-1. Falcon, Mario. 1 item

A-F-2. Fauve, Ramiro. 7 items

A-F-3. Feitelson, Lorser. 6 items

A-F-4. Felix, Charles. 1 item

A-F-5. Fergerson, Cecil. 16 items

A-F-6. Fichter, David. 2 items

A-F-7. Fields, Tim. 46 items

A-F-8. Fitzpatrick, Denis. 1 item

A-F-9. Flatmo, Duane. 27 items

A-F-10. Flores, Alfredo Diaz. 66 items

A-F-11. Flores, Elsa. 2 items

A-F-12. Foley, Cheryl. 8 items

A-F-13. Fontes, Dan. 2 items

A-F-14. Freeman, Charles. 10 items

A-F-15. Fukuhara, Trace Tres. 22 items


A-G-1. Galvez, Daniel. 7 items

A-G-2. Garcia, James. 2 items

A-G-3. Garcia, Margaret. 8 items

A-G-4. Garnsey, Julian Ellsworth. 1 item

A-G-5. Garrison, Elizabeth. 7 items

A-G-6. Gesshel, Barbara. 4 items

A-G-7. Giri, Joseph. 10 items

A-G-8. Gleason, Joe Duncan. 2 items

A-G-9. Gold, Betty. 1 item A-G-10. Golden, Jane. 3 items

A-G-11. Gonzalez, Jose-Luis. 11 items

A-G-12. Gordon, David. 3 items

A-G-13. Granizo, Guillermo Wagner. 4 items

A-G-14. Grant, Leslie "Elektra". 2 items

A-G-15. Gray, Don. 1 item

A-G-16. Grey, Jennifer. 1 item

A-G-17. Griffith, Wim. 1 item

A-G-18. Gronk. 4 items

A-G-19. Gude, Olivia. 5 items

A-G-20. Guerin, Pixie. 9 items

A-G-21. Guston, Philip (aka Goldstein). 15 items

A-G-21. Gutierrez, Curtis. 1 item

A-G-22. Goguen, Aimee. 1 item

A-G-23. Graff Lab/Ricardo Guerrero. 1 item


A-H-1. Haas, Richard. 5 items

A-H-2. Hahn, Sonia. 2 items

A-H-3. Haines, Richard. 7 items

A-H-4. Hanrahan, M. B. 32 items

A-H-5. Haring, Keith. 1 item

A-H-6. Haro, Richard. 5 items

A-H-7. Harris, William Geoffrey. 3 items

A-H-8. Healy, Wayne. 12 items

A-H-9. Heinsbergen, Anthony. 7 items

A-H-10. Heller, Bessie. 1 item

A-H-11. Henderson, Victor. 5 items

A-H-12. Herron III, Willie. 14 items

A-H-13. Hertel, Susan. 1 item

A-H-14. Herweck, Roy. 11 items

A-H-15. Hirst, Pauline (Pauline Hirst French). 13 items

A-H-16. Hoyes, Bernard. 2 items

A-H-17. Hrdy, Olika. 7 items

A-H-18. Hughes, Mary-Linn. 3 items


A-I-1. Ituarte, Luis. 1 item


A-J-1. Jenkins, Ulysses. 1 item

A-J-2. Jensen, Lucy. 2 items

A-J-3. Jiminez, Richard. 1 item

A-J-4. Julian, Paul. 3 items

A-J-5 Jackson, Tomashi. 1 item.


A-K-1. Kadish, Reuben. 7 items

A-K-2. Kambon, Akinsanya. 2 items

A-K-3. Karlsen, Ann-Marie. 4 items

A-K-4. Kassler Jr., Charles. 9 items

A-K-5. Katz, Leo. 3 items

A-K-6. Kennedy, Norman. 1 item

A-K-7. Kitchel, Karen. 2 items

A-K-8. Komar and Melamid. 3 items

A-K-9. Ko, Kyongho Shin. 2 items

A-K-10. Kosa, Emil (Jr. and Sr.). 3 items

A-K-11. Kozloff, Joyce. 5 items


A-L-1. Labandt, Lucien. 4 items

A-L-2. Ladochy, Peter. 11 items

A-L-3. L.A. Fine Arts Squad. 1 item

A-L-4. Larsen, Nicolai. 15 items

A-L-5. Lebrun, Rico. 2 item s

A-L-6. Le Chevallier, Georges. 7 items

A-L-7. Letelier, Francisco. 32 items

A-L-8. Lloyd, Lucile. 5 items

A-L-9. Lopez, Alma. 10 items

A-L-10. Lopez, David. 2 items

A-L-11. Lujan, Gilbert Sanchez. 5 items

A-L-12. Lundeberg, Helen. 27 items.

A-L-13. Lopez, Rafael. 1 item.

A-L-14. Lane, Doyle.  2 items




A-M-1. McDonald-Wright, Stanton. 7 items

A-M-2. McMahon, Alison. 9 items

A-M-3. McNeilly, Mike. 8 items

A-M-4. Madrid, Bill. 4 items

A-M-5. Mar, Darryl. 4 items

A-M-6. Martin, Fletcher. 3 items

A-M-7. Martinez, Daniel. 4 items

A-M-8. Martinez, Rudy. 1 item

A-M-9. Massenburg, Michael. 9 items

A-M-10. Massengill, Karena. 3 items

A-M-11. Matranga, Frank. 13 items

A-M-12. Mendoza, Ricardo. 15 items

A-M-13. Messick, Ben. 15 items

A-M-14. Middlebrook, Willie. 1 item

A-M-15. Miller, Suzanne. 7 items

A-M-16. Mohr, Patrick. 1 item

A-M-17. Montoya, Malaquias. 1 item

A-M-18. Moore, Melinda. 7 items

A-M-19. Mora, Isabel. 1 item

A-M-20. Mortimer, Art. 43 items

A-M-21. Mosley, David. 5 items

A-M-22. Moss, Sandra. 6 items

A-M-23. Mullen, Christina Miguel. 8 items

A-M-24. Myers, Mary. 1 item

A-M-25. Moctezuma, Alessandra. 1 item

A-M-26. Montalvo, Joseph. 1 item

A-M-27. Marka27. 1 item


A-N-1. Nelson, Kenton. 8 items

A-N-2. Neumann, Osha. 7 items

A-N-3. Nielsen, Kay. 7 items


A-O-1. Obregon, Michelle. 39 items

A-O-2. O'Connor, Denis. 3 items

A-O-3. Olguin, Muriel. 1 item

A-O-4. Olabisi, Noni.23 items

A-O-5. Orozco, Jose Clemente. 6 items

A-O-6. Ochoa, Victor. 1 item


A-P-1. Palmer, Gary. 46 items

A-P-2. Park, Dong-In. 12 items

A-P-3. Patrick, Alice. 26 items

A-P-4. Peck, G. Byron. 38 items

A-P-5. Pelayo, Pedro. 2 items

A-P-6. Petersen, Einar. 3 items

A-P-7. Petropoulos, Renee. 4 items

A-P-8. Phong, Ann. 5 items

A-P-9. Pickens, Gregory. 8 items

A-P-10. Pintaro, Jean. 3 items

A-P-11. Pinkney, Elliott. 62 items

A-P-12. Poethig, Johanna. 32 items

A-P-13. Poli, Alex (aka Man One). 12 items

A-P-14. Politi, Leo. 3 items

A-P-15. Ponce, Juan Hector. 30 items

A-P-16. Powers, Theresa. 2 items

A-P-17. Pueblo, Juan. 1 item

A-P-18. Pugh, John. 18 items

A-P-19. Parrish, Maxfield. 1 item

A-P-20. Patterson, J. Morton. 1 item


A-Q-1. Quezada. Peter. 72 items


A-R-1. Ramos Martinez, Alfredo. 16 items

A-R-2. Ramsess. 2 items

A-R-3. Ravenna Mosaic Co. 3 items

A-R-4. Reyes, Miguel Angel. 2 items

A-R-5. Reynoso, Abel. 3 items

A-R-6. Rigo. 2 items

A-R-7. Rios, Hector (Hex). 6 items

A-R-8. Rivera, Diego. 8 items

A-R-9. Rodriguez, Jerry. 4 items

A-R-10. Roker, Raymond Leon. 1 item

A-R-11. Romero, Frank. 23 items

A-R-12. Rosenwasser, Susan. 3 items

A-R-13. Royal Chicano Air Force. 4 items


A-S-1. Saar, Betye and Alison. 1 item

A-S-2. Salas, Roberto. 14 items

A-S-3. Samerjan, George. 5 items

A-S-4. Sample, Paul. 1 item

A-S-5. Sarantitis, Josh. 1 item

A-S-6. Scharff, Hanns. 1 item

A-S-7. Schlesinger, Christina. 11 items

A-S-8. Schnorr, Michael. 4 items

A-S-9. Schoonhoven, Terry. 24 items

A-S-10. Schoppe, Palmer. 2 items

A-S-11. Sheets, Millard. 15 items

A-S-12. Shore, Henrietta. 1 item

A-S-13. Shersher, Zinovy. 7 items

A-S-14. Shloss, Steve. 1 item

A-S-15. Sicre, Jorge. 4 items

A-S-16. Silva, Eliseo Art Arambulo. 45 items

A-S-17. Siqueiros, David Alfaro. 22 items

A-S-18. Skalr, Keith. 11 items

A-S-19. Soszynski, Gary. 2 items

A-S-20. Sperling, Annie. 10 items

A-S-21. Sportelli, George. 75 items

A-S-22. Steinbacher, Victor. 3 items

A-S-23. Stella, Frank. 2 items

A-S-24. Stepanian, Alysse. 2 items

A-S-25. Stewart, John N. 8 items

A-S-26. Stewart, Peter. 5 items

A-S-27. Stewart-Magee, Kevin. 4 items

A-S-28. Stokes, Kathleen. 1 item

A-S-29. Strang, Ed. 3 items

A-S-30. Sun, May. 5 items

A-S-31. Suriya, Thomas. 5 items

A-S-32. Swiggett, Jean. 5 items

A-S-33. Sykes, Roderick. 22 items

A-S-34. Spears, Brent. 1 item

A-S-35. Stinsmuehlen-Amend, Susan.  1 item

A-S-36. Sorenson, George. 1item

A-S-37. Santos, Alfredo. 1 item


A-T-1. Talbott, Dave. 3 items

A-T-2. Tauber, Mike. 12 items

A-T-3. Teeple, Scott. 10 items

A-T-4. Thiermann, Anne E. 11 items

A-T-5. Thomason, Barbara. 2 items

A-T-6. Three Friends. 14 items

A-T-7. Torero, Mario Acevedo. 4 items

A-T-8. Toro, Rafael. 40 items

A-T-9. Torrez, Eloy. 20 items

A-T-10. Totten, Donald. 2 items

A-T-11. Trevino, John. 1 item

A-T-12. Tunis, Bruce. 1 item

A-T-13. Twitchell, Kent. 123 items

A-T-14. Turner-Alvet (Nancy Turner and Peeter Alvet). 16 items


A-U-1. Ulianoff, Vsevolod. 1 item

A-U-2. Unzueta, Manuel. 4 items


A-V-1. Valadez, John. 13 items

A-V-2. Valenzuela, Ben. 26 items

A-V-3. Van Sant, Tom. 1 item

A-V-4. Vasquez, Emigdio. 31 items

A-V-5. Velasquez, Manuel. 5 items

A-V-6. Vigil, Frederico. 6 items

A-V-7. Von Euer, Judith. 3 items


A-W-1. Wagar, Claudia. 16 items

A-W-2. Wallace, Janet. 18 items

A-W-3. Warshaw, Howard. 3 items

A-W-4. Washington, Horace. 20 items

A-W-5. Weber, John Pitman. 27 items

A-W-6. Wehrle, John. 10 items

A-W-7. Wells, Daryl. 5 items

A-W-8. White, Charles. 46 items

A-W-9. White, C. Ian. 13 items

A-W-10. Whitworth, Jaye. 1 item

A-W-11. Williams, Keith. 18 items

A-W-12. Windbiel, Dona. 5 items

A-W-13. Winters, Emily. 3 items

A-W-14. Wiro. 2 items

A-W-15. Wolken, Ann. 3 items

A-W-16. Wong, Tyrus. 1 item

A-W-17. Wonprsata, Vibul. 3 items

A-W-18. Woodruff, Hale. 26 items

A-W-19. Wright, Michael Ragsdale. 8 items

A-W-20. Wyatt, Richard. 67 items

A-W-21. Wyland. 21 items


A-X-1. Xiao, Hui-Xiang. 3 items


A-Y-1. Yepes, George. 25 items

A-Y-2. Young, Joseph. 22 items


A-Z-1. Zhang, Shiyan. 9 items

A-Z-2. Zornes, Milford. 6 items

A-Z-3. Zorthian, Jirayr. 4 items