RefWorks: Write-N-Cite

Brief guide to using RefWorks in the USC Libraries environment.

Formatting your paper with Write-N-Cite

Getting Started with Write-N-Cite

  1. Launch Write-N-Cite for Windows from within Word by clicking the toolbar button or by selecting Write-N-Cite from the Tools menu. You can also launch the program from the Write-N-Cite icon on your desktop or by clicking the Start menu and selecting RefWorks from All Programs. (In the USC computer labs, Write-N-Cite is found in the Classroom Software folder.)
  2. When the login dialog box appears, enter your RefWorks user name and password and click Login.
  3. If you want, click the box next to Always on Top to keep Write-N-Cite III on top of all other programs including Word. Also, notice that the name of the Word document that is active in RefWorks is written next to MS Word Status.
  4. To display your citation references, click on the View menu in the upper left corner of Write-N-Cite and select the appropriate folder. You can also use the View: Folders menu to switch to other folders.

To insert citation references into your paper

  1. Go to your document in your word-processor, click where you want the citation inserted.
  2. Switch to Write-N-Cite and click the Cite link next to the correct reference. Write-N-Cite inserts the Temporary Citation Placeholder [which looks something like {{54 Johnson;}}] and it is what RefWorks reads when formatting your paper. It is not what your final citation will look like.
  3. If you want to modify or remove information that will appear in the formatted citation, click on the Edit Citation link in the upper right-hand corner of the Write-N-Cite window.
  4. To cite a second reference in the same location, click the Cite link for the second reference. The reference information is automatically inserted in the same set of curly brackets.
  5. When you have inserted all your citation references, save the document before formatting the paper.

To create your bibliography and format your paper

  1. Click on Bibliograpy menu, select the correct Output Style and then click on Create Bibliography. RefWorks creates a new file with the in-text citations (or footnotes) and the bibliography properly formatted.
  2. Save your newly created file. RefWorks will have named the file: Final-(+ your original filename)


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