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Urban & Regional Planning *: Open Access Journals

Below are links to databases and scholarly web sites that support the study of urban planning and its related sub-disciplines.

Open Access Journals

Acta Ecologica Sinica
ISSN: 10000933
Publisher: Science Press
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Keywords: environmental science, China, animal ecology, forest ecology, urban ecology
Start year: 1981

ISSN: 07181132
Publisher: Bifurcaciones
Country: Chile
Language: Spanish
Keywords: urban cultural studies, urban life
Start year: 2004

City & Time
ISSN: 19815956
EISSN: 18077544
Publisher: Centro de Estudos Avançados da Conservação Integrada (CECI)
Country: Brazil
Language: English
Keywords: urban conservation, urban heritage, integrated conservation, urban planning, conservation theory
Start year: 2004

ISSN: 02513625
Publisher: Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule, Zürich
Country: Switzerland
Language: German, English, French, Italian
Keywords: urban development, city planning, environmental planning, landscape architecture, regional economics, environmental economics, transportation planning
Start year: 1996

EARSeL eProceedings
ISSN: 17293782
Publisher: European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories
Country: France
Language: English
Keywords: geology, forestry, atmosphere, urban areas, data fusion, environmental risks, remote sensing, earth observation
Start year: 2001

Environnement Urbain
ISSN: 19164645
Publisher: Institut national de la recherche scientifique – Réseau Villes Régions Monde
Country: Canada
Language: French, English
Keywords: environment, urban and metropolitan areas
Start year: 2007

Estudios Demográficos y Urbanos
ISSN: 01867210
Publisher: El Colegio de México, A.C.
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish
Keywords: population studies, urban studies, environmental studies, demography
Start year: 2004

European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research
ISSN: 15677141
Publisher: Delft University of Technology
Country: Netherlands
Language: English
Keywords: transport policy, design oriented
Start year: 2000

Finisterra : Revista Portuguesa de Geografia

ISSN: 04305027
Publisher: Centro de Estudos Geográficos, University of Lisbon
Country: Portugal
Language: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, Italian
Keywords: physical geography, human geography, regional development, urban planning, regional planning, GIS
Start year: 1984

German Journal of Urban Studies
ISSN: 18610145
Publisher: German Institute of Urban Affairs
Country: Germany
Language: English
Keywords: urban studies
Start year: 2001

International Journal of Design

ISSN: 19913761
EISSN: 1994036X
Publisher: Chinese Institute of Design
Country: Taiwan
Language: English
Keywords: industrial design, product design, visual communication design, graphic design, interface design, animation, game design, architectural design, urban design
Start year: 2007

Journal of Konbin
ISSN: 18958281
Publisher: Versita
Country: Poland
Language: English
Keywords: automotive, aerospace, engineering, probability theory, traffic, stochastic processes
Start year: 2007

Journal of Public Transportation
ISSN: 1077291X
Publisher: University of South Florida
Country: United States
Language: English
Keywords: transit, mass transit, transportation planning, transport engineering
Start year: 2002

Journal of Transport and Land Use
ISSN: 19387849
Publisher: University of Minnesota
Country: United States
Language: English
Keywords: transport research, land use
Start year: 2008

ISSN: 19577788
Country: France
Language: English, French
Keywords: urban studies, urban policies, urban geography, urban sociology, urban economy
Start year: 2007

Nordic Road and Transport Research
ISSN: 11015179
Publisher: Statens Väg- och Transportforskningsinstitut
Country: Sweden
Language: English
Keywords: transportation
Start year: 1998

Open Transportation Journal
ISSN: 18744478
Publisher: Bentham open
Country: United States
Language: English
Keywords: transportation planning, transportation policy
Start year: 2007

Open Urban Studies Journal
ISSN: 18749429
Publisher: Bentham open
Country: United States
Language: English
Keywords: urban development, urban studies
Start year: 2008

Prostor : Znanstveni Časopis za Arhitekturu i Urbanizam
ISSN: 13300652
EISSN: 13339117
Publisher: University of Zagreb
Country: Croatia
Language: Croatian, English
Keywords: architecture, urban planning, preservation of historical monuments, art history, design
Start year: 1995

Quaderni Della Ri-Vista

ISSN: 18243541
Publisher: Firenze University Press
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Keywords: landscape architecture, landscape design, urban planning
Start year: 2004

Revista Brasileira de Gestão e Desenvolvimento Regional
ISSN: 1809239X
Publisher: Universidade de Taubaté
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese, Spanish, English, French
Keywords: regional planning, urban planning, regional sustainable development, planning techniques, management techniques, decision making processes
Start year: 2005

Rivista di Diritto dell'Economia : dei Trasporti e dell'Ambiente
ISSN: 17247322
Publisher: Dipartimento di Diritto dell'Economia, dei Trasporti e dell'Ambiente dell'Università degli Studi di Palermo
Country: Italy
Language: Italian, English
Keywords: transports, economics, law
Start year: 2003

Revista de Urbanismo

ISSN: 07175051
Publisher: Universidad de Chile
Country: Chile
Language: Spanish, Portuguese, French, English
Keywords: Latin American urbanism, territorial planning, urban geography, urban heritage conservation, urban history
Start year: 1999

Revista Geográfica Acadêmica
ISSN: 16787226
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Goiás
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Keywords: geomorphology, pedology, biogeography, urban geography, climatology, rural geography, environment education, geography of turism, cultural geography
Start year: 2007

TeMA : Territorio Mobilità e Ambiente

ISSN: 19709889
EISSN: 19709870
Publisher: Università Federico II di Napoli
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Keywords: urban planning, transport, environment
Start year: 2007

Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management

ISSN: 20653913
EISSN: 20653921
Publisher: Research Centre in Public Administration and Public Services, Academy of Economic Studies
Country: Romania
Language: English, Romanian
Keywords: urban management, urban policies, local governance
Start year: 2006

ISSN: 16484142
EISSN: 16483480
Publisher: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Country: Lithuania
Language: English
Keywords: transport system, transportation technology, vehicles, traffic safety, environment protection
Start year: 2002

Transport Problems : an International Scientific Journal
ISSN: 18960596
Publisher: Silesian University of Technology
Country: Poland
Language: English, Polish
Keywords: transport research, transport technology, transport economics, transport logistics, transport law
Start year: 2007

Urban Habitats

ISSN: 15417115
Publisher: Center for Urban Restoration Ecology
Country: United States
Language: English
Keywords: urban ecology, urban botany, conservation biology, landscape ecology, urban design, urban soils
Start year: 2003

URISA Journal
ISSN: 10458077
Publisher: Urban and Regional Information Systems Association
Country: United States
Language: English
Keywords: computer science, information science, computer applications, geospatial science, geographic information systems (GIS)
Start year: 1998

Water Alternatives
ISSN: 19650175
Publisher: Water Alternatives Association
Country: France
Language: English
Keywords: water, politics, development
Start year: 2008

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