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English Language & Literature *: COVID19: Emergency Access to Hathi Trust Books

This guide points researchers to a few key USC Libraries resources that might be helpful to start research projects in the area of literary studies.

Hathi Trust: USC print books available online

For the duration of the pandemic, many books that USC has available in print are temporarily available online as well via HathiTrust’s Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS)

Once logged in at, users will continue access the entire public domain catalog plus temporarily have limited access to in-copyright and copyright-undetermined volumes that are also held by USC in print. These titles would have already been digitized in the HathiTrust in-copyright collection – they are not currently digitizing titles from our collection.

The titles that are being made available to us are shown as “Temporary/Access” – click on that link, then select Check Out in the yellow box. These titles are not being made available to unlimited users (like our other eBook platforms) so access is provided similar to a print book: 1 copy checked out to 1 user at a time (for 1 hour at a time).


According to HathiTrust – “Based on the print holdings data that we have now, your faculty, staff, and students have reading access to 42.85% of your print collection through ETAS.” The important part of this to understand is that not every title that we have in our print collection will be in HathiTrust and even if it is, we still may not be able to access it even in this temporary emergency service. The holdings they are using to determine access are not fully current, and it is done based on matching algorithms that are not 100% accurate. At this time, HathiTrust cannot make changes to the titles they have given us access to.