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English Language & Literature *: How to find FULL TEXT

This guide points researchers to a few key USC Libraries resources that might be helpful to start research projects in the area of literary studies.

How to find full text?


Locate Articles when you found citations with no full text


Some article databases contain some articles in full-text; however, many do not. If only the citation and abstract are available, you can find the full text via:

1) Search for full-text access to the journal through USC databases. On USC Libraries portal page, click on  "Journals" below the central search box, and type in the journal title (not the article title) to find out which databases provide the full-text of that journal. You will need to trace specific issues in a database archive.

2) Consider using Advanced Search via USC Libraries page to limit your search to journals in USC Libraries catalog. 

3) If USC does not own the journal your article is in, please consider requesting a copy of the article via Interlibrary LoanIt is a FREE service, and requested articles are delivered digitally (often as quickly as within 48 hours).  

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