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Capital IQ is the research division of S&P Global, one of the world's largest providers of ratings, data, research, and the S&P Dow Jones Indices. Cap IQ provides detailed research and analysis of the stock market to a variety of investing stakeholders. Use Cap IQ to access detailed financials and transactions data on public and private companies. Register with your USC email under 'New User' at upper right.

Data Axle 
Offers accurate data on 64 million business and 307 million consumers. Find jobs by skills, location, and industry; find business opportunities; locate companies nationwide; research business executives; view historical market trends; and find addresses and phone numbers.

Gale Business Insights (formerly Business Insights Global)
Global company research with detailed profiles including fundamentals, histories, SWOT, investment reports, and market share. Research industries by market share reports and industry rankings. Find business case studies for decision-making strategies.  Create comparison charts of companies, countries and industries.

Hoovers Company Profiles
Pulling from ProQuest's Business Market Research Collection, search for information on 40,000 global public and non-public companies including location, summary financials, competitors, officers, and SWOT analysis from GlobalData.

Mergent Intellect
Detailed information on over 280 million public and private companies, including subsidiaries, executives, and corporate family tree; and consumer data for more than 98% of US households - contacts, demographics and census data.  Also access First Research reports and key business ratios.

Mergent Online
Offers key information on public companies such as financials, executives, equity pricing, annual reports, subsidiaries, competitors and more.

Key company information on international and US public and private companies such as profile, financials, competitors, ratings, earnings estimates, debt, corporate ownership, and news. Includes 10 years of historical financial information per company.

Key company information on international and US public companies only - listed, unlisted and delisted. Included are company financials, ratings, SEC filings, corporate actions, earnings estimates, investor reports, EIU country profiles and outlooks, directors, annual reports, stock data and corporate structures, market research, M&A deals, and news. Includes 20 years of historical financial information per company.

Profiles on more than 750,000 private US companies. Find ownership, deals, revenue, EBITDA, valuations, and growth metrics, using PrivCo's proprietary mapping algorithms and human engineering to vet the data. Instructions: Create an account with your USC email address to login.