Business: PitchBook


Pitchbook tracks every aspect of the public and private equity markets, including venture capital, private equity and M&A. Access detailed data on companies, deal investors, funds and professionals.​​​​  Click here to create an account or log in.

If you are accessing off campus, you must install and use the VPN application for Windows or Mac (the web VPN will not work with Pitchbook).  

If on campus, use Secure Wireless (not Guest) and the VPN; if you experience issues, 'forget' the Secure connection in your wireless settings and then reconnect.

Exporting and printing is limited to 10 daily/25 monthly rows of company, deal, fund and people data per user.

One tabled search result of company, deal, fund, or person entities exported into Excel (regardless of columns) represents one download. 

If you experience issues with searching, contact Pitchbook Support.

NOTE: PitchBook accounts must be reactivated each academic year. To re-register, follow instructions on the login/signup page.