Business: Capital IQ

Capital IQ

Capital IQ is the research division of S&P Global, one of the world's largest providers of ratings, data, research, and the S&P Dow Jones Indices. Cap IQ provides detailed research and analysis of the stock market to a variety of investing stakeholders.

Use Cap IQ to access detailed financials and transactions data on public and private companies. Users can screen for companies by defined criteria; e.g. those in a specific industry with an market cap over $1 billion; recent M&A deals; or any criteria for which you need a list of comparable companies, or "comps".

Register with your USC email under 'New User' at upper right.  Login to the USC VPN before accessing.

Excel Plug-In

To download the Excel plug-in, go to My Capital IQ/Downloads. This allows you to quickly build and manipulate financial models and spreadsheets by accessing company financials, estimates, market data, transactions, ownership, fixed income data and more, directly within Excel. Utilize over 150 customizable Quick Key commands to help you build and format models more efficiently.

How To Use Cap IQ