Business *: Business Databases

A guide to business research at USC.

Business Databases at USC

This is a list of the key business databases as USC.

FactSet financial database is available to all current students, faculty and staff at USC. Please see our FactSet Research Guide to request and account and for basic instructions on how to use the FactSet database.

Accessing Databases

There is more than one way to access library databases if you are not in a campus computer lab:

Research Guide Links:
The links on any of our the web pages should take you into the desired database.  You may be asked to login the first time using your USC webmail username and password.

Search from USC Libraries Home page:
You can search for each database by name from the USC Libraries' Databases page.

Gaughan & Tiberti  Library Website:
You can search for each business database by name from the Resources page on the Gaughan & Tiberti Library home page.

For general assistance with connecting to the USC network, please read USC ITS Wireless guidelines.  

If you have a MyMarshall account (archived version), direct links to our databases can be found in the Marshall Explorer box under "Library Resources" on your dashboard page (upper left). In the new version of MyMarshall (2019), find business databases by clicking on your "role" identifier (e.g.: Marshall Undergraduate; Marshall Graduate) on the landing page, then click on 'Library Resources' to access the portal.

If you have a MyMarshall account, you can also look under "Services" and log in to the Marshall Virtual Lab (Citrix Applications) for remote access.  Contact Marshall IT for more complicated issues (; 213-740-3000).