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United States History in Streaming Documentary Films: Exploration & Colonization 1492–1763

Exploration & Colonization 1492–1763

Christopher Columbus: Explorer of the New World
"Christopher Columbus set out to find a new route to Asia, but instead became the first Spaniard to set foot in the New World. Evidence now proves that the Vikings reached North America long before him, yet even in his own time, other explorers usurped his glory. From the dream that led him across the horizon to the fortunes that deserted him and the ongoing controversy over his true place in history, this episode of Biography sheds light on the life of Christopher Columbus—the man, not the legend. Period accounts, rare art and artifacts, and interviews with world-renowned historians are featured. "

Desperate Crossing: The Untold Story of the Mayflower
"From their self-imposed exile in Holland to their perilous crossing of the Atlantic, to their first year in the new world, Desperate Crossing is the definitive story of how the Pilgrims came to live and prosper in an unfamiliar land."

Divergent Paths
"As the new nation settled, a distinctly American society emerged within the colonies. Contrast large agricultural operations in the South with small family farms and commerce in the North. Learn about the Salem witch trials and trace the Great Awakening."

English Settlement
"As the American character begins to take shape in the early seventeenth century, English settlements develop in New England and Virginia. Their personalities are dramatically different. Professor Miller explores the origins of values, cultures, and economies that have collided in the North and South throughout the American story."

Lost Colony of Roanoke
"The team plunges the viewer into the grime and glory of real-life archaeology: epiphany and exhaustion, discovery and disappointment. The team explores the mysteries of the past through what they find buried below the ground. Part adventure, part hard science, part reality show, applies the latest technology and the team's collective expertise to solving the riddles of the past. Through a unique collaboration between media producers, archaeologists, and educators Time Team America tells significant stories from our past in compelling formats that showcase authentic and ethical archaeological practices."

The Lure of Land
"After the English Civil War caused a decline in colonization, agricultural interests turned to the middle colonies. Learn of growing conflict as the monarchy attempted to exert more control while the colonies sought greater independence."

The Pilgrims
"Arguably one of the most fateful and resonant events of the last half millennium, the Pilgrims' journey west across the Atlantic in the early 17th century is a seminal, if often misunderstood, episode of American and world history. The Pilgrims explores the forces, circumstances, personalities and events that converged to exile the English group in Holland and eventually propel their crossing to the New World; a story universally familiar in broad outline, but almost entirely unfamiliar to a general audience in its rich and compelling historical actuality.,"

Portrait of Colonial Life
"Examines the transatlantic journey to colonial America and documents the way of life of indentured servants and slaves. Discusses newcomers' adaptation and the integration of their cultures in a newly formed community."

Rebels: America
"The story of the American nation begins with the founding of the Jamestown and Plymouth colonies, interactions with Native American peoples, the hardships and dangers that faced the colonists, the origins of the slave trade and a slave-dependent economy, and the tensions that developed between Britain and her New World territories as the colonies grew stronger and more self-sufficient."

Saints and Strangers
"Puritans in Europe, persecuted for their faith and discontented with their church, traveled to the New World in search of religious freedom. Learn about their religion and lifestyle and their struggles to create a 'godly' community in a savage land."

Strained Relations
"The symbiotic relationship between the colonies and the British government in the 1750s began to erode as the colonists developed self-sufficiency and relationships with other European countries. Examine events that resulted in the American Revolutio

Turbulent Virginia: Pirate Base...Royal Colony
"This program looks at early English, French, and Dutch colonies in America. Learn about the failures and successes in colonizing Virginia, from Roanoke to the establishment of the first English royal colony in 1619."

Unearthing Secret America
"This edition of PBS Scientific American Frontiers delves into the secrets of America’s past—as archaeologists investigate three tremendous discoveries: unique finds that bring our history to life like never before. Unearthing Secret America shows how the Jamestown fort offers clues to the struggles of the colonists and how slave quarters at Monticello and Williamsburg expose a secret world for the first time: revealing economic shifts that altered the experience of enslaved and free people in ways we are just beginning to understand. A story told with rich detail, it is a fresh and up-close look at life in America from the colonial period up through the 19th

Witch Hunt in Salem
"In New England in 1692, religious hysteria overcomes the people of the small town of Salem and brings about a ruthless manhunt. At a time when Europe has largely overcome the witch craze, dozens of people are accused of sorcery and executed. To this day, the case of Salem fascinates scholars and artists alike, since the cause of this collective mania remains a mystery. Competing theories name a combination of religious hysteria, aggressively suppressed sexuality, the fear of the “devilish Indians,” common avarice, and the dual worldview of the Puritans. The episode is a watershed for the young colony and one of the darkest chapters in the history of the United States."



(Desperate Crossing The Untold Story of the Mayflower)