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United States History in Streaming Documentary Films: Pre-European Contact 1000 B.C.–1492

Titles A-B

From Days Before Time
"This program explores early human habitation of the North American continent, the journeys of Christopher Columbus, and the collision of Spanish and Native-American cultures. Examine the exploitation of the West by the Spanish and an early slave trade

Journey to 10,000 BC
"What was life really like for the first humans in North America? Using stunning reconstructions and location filming to evoke a time long past, this A&E Special opens a door into a world where woolly mammoths, giant ground sloths, and great saber-toothed cats still roam. Additional segments spotlight cutting-edge research that is vastly improving the scientific community’s understanding of what exactly happened some 12,000 years ago to forever change Planet Earth."

New World Encounters
"The program looks at the beginnings of American history from west to east, following the first Ice Age migrations through the corn civilizations of Middle America, and the explorations of Columbus, DeSoto, and the Spanish."


(From Days Before Time)