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Writing 340: Arts and Humanities: Brainstorming

Brainstorming keywords for searching


Why hasn't this ethical dilemma been resolved?

What solutions do you propose to resolve it: in you review, what should be done?


Examples of search terms, and how to use quotes and AND

 "liberal democracy" AND "social media" AND "hate speech"

"checks and balances" AND populism AND "fake news"

narrower terms

"minority rights" AND "hate speech" AND regulation

"investigative journalism" AND "fake news"

"social media" AND regulation and disinformation

Twitter AND regulation and "fake news"


related terms & synonyms & antonyms

autocracy and disinformation and censorship

"freedom of speech" and "social responsibility"






Picking Your Topic Is Research

Please watch this video from NCSU Libraries prior to your library session. As you watch the video think about your own potential topic ideas, and then answer the questions below.