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Research Guide: ENGL 491 Alice Through the Looking Glass

How to select a specific image for the class exhibit

Please remember that for the exhibit, you will need to select specific individual images, rather than entire digital compound objects. For example, your exhibit will include one or a few pages from a book, rather than an entire book (compound object).

Examine the entire compound, multi-page object, but limit your exhibit selection to individual pages. You can use the information about the entire compound object to contextualize your selected  image.

For example, you might choose to work with this compound object:  Printing Plates
<   >

This compound object (Printing Plates) consists of 26 images, but for the class exhibit display, you will select  only a few images.  Let's say, you select image 7, "Puppy." To capture this specific image, you will need to share the link to this  image with Dr. Curtis <> and his team.