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Writing 150: Health and Healing: Brainstorming

This guide is for students in Writing 150 classes

Brainstorming keywords for searching


How do social determinants of health impact this health disparity?


Examples of search terms, and how to use quotes and AND

"social class"  AND health

income and health

income and "infant mortality"

income and "mental health"

income and 'substance abuse"

narrower terms

"rural America" AND "health facilities"

"rural Georgia: AND physicians

related terms & synonyms & antonyms

prisons and health

"incarcerated teenagers" AND "mental health"

underage and prisoners and "mental illness"

"juvenile detention" and depression




Picking Your Topic Is Research

Please watch this video from NCSU Libraries prior to your library session. As you watch the video think about your own potential topic ideas, and then answer the questions below.