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Feature Films Available In Streaming: Romance


An Affair to Remember
"In one of the most touching films ever made, a couple falls in love during a cruise. Although each is engaged to another, they pledge to free themselves and meet in six months, but a tragic car accident prevents her from keeping their appointment."

African Queen
"In the romantic adventure of all time, an alcoholic skipper and a prim spinster confront danger and find love on a sleazy steamer during World War I."

"Best Picture is a tale of wartime intrigue, romance, blackmail, black-marketeers and heroism in North Africa. Oscars also for Director and Screenplay."

Crazy Rich Asians
"A woman discovers her boyfriend comes from the most wealthy, prominent family in Singapore. Along the way, she must stand up to his judgmental mother, who wants nothing more than to break them up."

Like Water for Chocolate
"A young woman is forbidden to marry the man that she loves, and then she secretly discovers a magical skill in the kitchen that will keep their love alive."

Lost in Translation
"An aging American actor suffers culture shock in Tokyo before bonding with a married 20-something whose successful photographer husband is in the city on an assignment."



(Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca)