Business *: Citations & Academic Integrity

A guide to business research at USC.

Citing Business Resources

Business information can come from a variety of sources ranging from public websites to library databases to SEC filings and much more.  The exact format of your citations will depend upon your assigned style and the instructions you have received from your professor (APA is considered to be the business school standard), but the links below give helpful examples.

Check out these guides from other schools for tips and hints on how to cite business resources including specific examples:

Academic Integrity

USC and the Marshall School take academic integrity very seriously and not citing your work properly could have serious consequences.  These links can help:

USC Citation LibGuide

This link leads to the general USC Libraries Citation Guide for all subject areas (not specific to business). 

USC Academic Integrity LibGuide

This USC Libraries LibGuide contains links to Tutorials covering Academic Integrity, Avoiding Plagiarism, and other topics related to research.