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Bloomberg: Keyboard

Tips and resources to support the use of Bloomberg terminals at USC


Bloomberg's keyboard proivdes quick access to key functions and analysis.

Bloomberg uses mnemonics for faster navigation, however you can type in the name of a comany, industry, function, etc. in the HELP filed to find a mneumonic. 

Keyboard basics:

RED keys are 'stop' keys

  • Esc CANCEL -go back, cancel current activity
  • Pause Break CONN DEFAULT

GREEN keys are 'action' keys:

  •  <GO> key to execute a command
  • Page Up BACK or Page Down FWD to move between screns
  • SEARCH key enables a search of the entire Bloomberg databse
  • HELP - enter terms to find/define formulas, teminology, applications, etc.
  • PRINT - print a screen

BLUE keys

  • PANEL - use this key to toggle between the four windows

Bloomberg Keyboard

Funciton Keys