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Bloomberg: Bloomberg

Tips and resources to support the use of Bloomberg terminals at USC

Bloomberg Terminal

Blooomberg can be searched by keywords and menus, but it is often more efficient to use Bloomberg mnemonic shortcuts and the color-coded keyboard for various functions. 

These basic instructions will get you started.  Use the built-in Guides for more detailed searches.


You will want to create your own account so you can:

  • Save your work
  • Communicate with Bloomberg (press HELP key twice)
  • Look for employment opportunities
  • Communicate with other Bloomberg users
  • Take the Certification exams (BMC)

To create your own account:

Open up Bloomberg and press GO

Select 'Create a New Login' - If you do not see this option, please click the RED CONN-Defaut key on the upper right side of the keyboard (above the DEL key).  Do not use the Marshall login on the Bloomberg Keyboard.  When prompted for the username/password, SELECT THE LINK TO CREATE A NEW USER

Fill in the data as requested.  In order for Bloomberg to provide you with a validation code, you will need to provide a way tfor Bloomberg to send it to you, they recommend TEXT MESSAGE via your cell phone.

When you recieve your vallidation code, enter it.  You may need to answer some addtional questions.





Bloomberg Locations - On-site Use Only

Users must come in and use the terminals on-site.  Bloomberg cannot be accessed from home or remotely.

There are Bloomberg terminals supported by the USC Marshall School for Business in these locations:

  • 4  in the Gaughan & Tiberti LIbrary located in Fertitta Hall on the 1st Floor
  • 1 in the Accounting Library
  • 2 are located in JKP on the 2nd floor (computer lab at north end of the building) & Room 300
  • 3 are in Bridge Hall with limited use for Investment Studies students (2nd floor)

If you are a current USC student, faculty or staff, but not a member of Marshall, you will need to ask for a "guest login" to use the terminal.

Getting Help


The Bloomberg system provides excellent online help.

Type your phrase, shortcut code etc. (i.e. FA, CN, Beta, enterprise value) etc. and the  <GO> key once.  The Bloomberg Online Help system will retrieve information pertaining to your word or phrase or shortcut. 

The green HELP key (upper left corner of the keyboard) is a good place to start (see below for additonal commands). 


Example:  type in the shortcut: BU and use the Green GO key (<GO>)

  • HELP <GO> for access to the Help Screen which includes tips, tricks and much more.
  • BU <GO> for Bloomberg University / training resources including training manuals, keyword searches, Helpdesk, Bloomberg seminars and certification program (see certification tab on this Research Guide).
  • EASY <GO>  for  listing of Bloomberg shortcuts and tips
  • DOCS <GO>  for documents by category, keyword or date

To submit a question to the Bloomberg Help Desk.   press the <HELP> key twice and type in your question.  Turnaround time is 24 hours (online help is no longer available).  IMPORTANT:   you must be logged in under your own account to receive an answer to your specific question.  (see Creating an Account on this page).




Print, Download or Exporting Data

Bloomberg allows SELECTIVE DOWNLOADING of Bloomberg data.

  • Downloading SEC files and articles:  Open the article of fiilng, then right mouse click and choose SAVE AS and remember to save in My Documents.  You can e-mail the file to yourself.
  • Screen Capture:  To capture a screen/chart and e-mail it as an attachment type GRAB <GO>.  Enter your e-mail address and then hit <GO>.  Enter the subject for the e-mail, then hit <GO> Type 1 <GO> to send your e-mail.  To get back to the screen you just e-mailed, type LAST<GO> and choose 2 <GO>.
  • To PRINT to hardcopy:  For a single page/screen you are currently viewing, hit the green <PRINT> key (above the F9 yellow <CMDTY> key).  For multiple pages, type in the number of pages you need to print (you can find the number of pages of an article or other content in the upper right-hand corner of the screen) then press the green <PRINT> key.  To print 7 pages, type:  7 <PRINT>.  To print an entire news article, type in the number 9 then press the <GO>  key.

Bloomberg Top 25 tips - Video


Main Menus & Security Specific Functions

  • When first introduced to the Bloomberg system it is advisable to use the main menus. This helps the user get a feel for the broad scope of Bloomberg and to clearly see a list of the analytics (and associated function codes) that are available.
  • Once a Bloomberg user is more familiar with the various function codes they may simply type those codes directly onto the screen and access the function instantly (thus saving time and bypassing the broad menus).

When you want to go back to the 'home' screen (start over) type:  HOME.  This is the page that appears when you log in.

If you type MENU, this takes you back to the main menu of your current search.

 Security Specific example

To go to Microsoft's Historical Line Chart (stock prices), you could type:
MSFT US <Equity> <GO>       You would see a menu, from there select item 17, for Historical Line Chart, with the mnenomic 'GP'                                       OR type:  MSFT US <Equity> GP <GO>    This by-passed 2 additional steps: 4 <GO> 1 <GO>

MSFT US <Equity> GP W <GO>  This by-passed 2 additional steps & set graph to weekly using W for Weekly



Bloomberg Support Documentation

  Type BBXL <GO> for Bloomberg Tutorials online  - SEE Getting Help' on the right for addtional HELP