Learning Support: Appointment Policy Information

Resources for students in the Suzanne Dworak Peck School School of Social Work's MSW, MSN, and DSW programs.

Policy Information

Students may schedule FIVE individual appointments with a writing coach and FIVE individual appointments with a content specialist per semester. Students who are referred by a professor, admitted with academic conditions, or on academic probation may schedule additional appointments upon request to vacwrite@usc.edu.

The Basics:

  • Students may have one appointment per week (Sunday-Saturday) with a writing coach, and one appointment per week (Sunday-Saturday) with a content tutor. If a student over-books, we will keep the earlier occurring appointment and cancel all additional appointments for that week to open appointment times for other students.

  • Please cancel 24 hours before the appointment so another student can schedule an appointment. Instructions are in your confirmation and reminder emails.
  • No-shows and cancelations made less than 24 hours in advance will count as one of your appointments, so please plan ahead.

  • If you use more than your allotted number of appointments, your account will be suspended until the start of the following semester. However, you are still welcome do "drop in" on group tutorials at the posted time, and you also submit your drafts for comments for review by email. Accounts will be unblocked at the beginning of each new semester.

  • You may schedule appointments up to four weeks in advance but only need to send your draft (if required) and any material you wish to review 24 hours before your meeting.  Any material not received 24 hours in advance will not be read before the session.  Please understand that we can make no exceptions to this because we will begin working on another student's assignment during the time allotted to you if we have not received it in time.  If you've had difficulty with your USC email in the past, consider sending your paper early to ensure it is received.
  • All drafts must be sent in MS Word format or they will not be reviewed.  We use the "review" function to provide clear responses so the format is important.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late to an appointment, you will be marked as a no-show and the writing coach or content specialist will provide assistance to another student.
  • Please note: we are not proofreaders, so will not provide corrections to grammar and style throughout your paper.  Instead, we will focus on patterns on errors and you will find most sentence-level comments on the first page; you are then expected to apply what you learn with us to the rest of your paper.  Our goal is to help you to develop skills and to teach you to locate and improve any writing or content issues on your own so you won't need us anymore. 
  • We recommend leaving yourself time to revise and proofread your work before your Learning Support appointment so we can focus on issues for which you need feedback rather than those that you can correct on your own. We also encourage you to allow yourself time for substantial revision after your appointment.  

Group Papers:

Regular appointments and professor referral appointments can be scheduled for group papers. 

  • If one student attends, he or she must clearly identify which sections he or she wrote when submitting the paper for review - we will only comment on these sections. 

  • More than one student may attend, but each student must identify his or her sections and the appointment time will be divided among the group members.

Appointment Waitlist:

  • If you do not find an appointment time that works for you, you can select the wait list option.  We will contact you when a time becomes available.

 We look forward to meeting with you soon!