Learning Support: Information for Professors

Resources for students in the Suzanne Dworak Peck School School of Social Work's MSW, MSN, and DSW programs.

Information for Professors

Referring a Student

To refer a student to learning support for help with graduate-level writing and/or content-related issues:

Email us at SOWK.LearningSupport@usc.edu. In the message please include the following:

  • The student's name (please also cc the student)
  • A short description of the issue for which you are referring the student. Any specifics you can provide are welcome.
  • We will then reach out to the student with an overview of the services we provide and encourage the student to book an appointment.

Class Visits

To schedule an on-ground or online classroom visit from Learning Support, please email us at SOWK.LearningSupport@usc.edu at any time during the semester. We can do a short (10 minute) introduction to Learning Support and the resources we provide or set up longer, subject-specific sessions. Please let us know ideal dates at times for the visit, what you would like us to cover, and any additional pertinent details.