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Developing a Search Strategy

Journal Impact Factors

What is an impact factor? 

Impact factor is a measure of the frequency that the average article in a journal is cited in a certain year. You can find the impact factors of journals in the Journal Citation Reports database. An example of an impact factor is below:



The databases below will help you find historical examples of how data and/or science have contributed to the advancement of social work goals. They include scientific articles which you may need for your assignments. 

Each link includes a brief description of the database so you can select the one that best meets your needs based on your topic. For example, PsycINFO, covers mental and behavioral health and would be appropriate for finding articles about interventions or depression. ERIC covers topics relating to education research and you may use AgeLine to find articles relating to aging and healthcare for older adults. 


You may also choose to search social work journals to find information about your topic. Be sure to watch the Developing a Search Strategy video located at the top of this page, before searching in these journals. It will help you a lot!