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Industry Research: Non-Profits

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Searching USC Databases

When searching USC databases, use terms like:  NONPROFITS, NOT-FOR-PROFITS, PHILANTHROPY, CORPORATE GIVING, CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY, SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, SOCIAL CAUSES, FUND RAISING, CHARITIES, DONATIONS, GRANTS, FOUNDATIONS, ENDOWMENTS.  Use area of focus to refine results (e.g.: education, conservation, human rights, youth organizations). Search on specific entities such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  

When available, search NAICs code:

  • 8132 for Grantmaking & Giving Services
  • 813311 for Human Rights Organizations
  • 81331 for Social Advocacy
  • 8131 for Religious Organizations

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There are various classifications for nonprofits or charities that are designated by the Internal Revenue Service as having a tax exempt status.  The most general EO (Exempt Organization) classification is a 501c corporation, but there are also 501(c)(6) organizations  and 501 (c)(3) charitable organizations.  See the IRS link below.

While non profits and charitable organizations have tax exempt status, they are required by law to file a Form 990.  Many websites allow you to search for these filings, including the National Center for Charitable Statistics at the Urban Institute (see below under Internet Resources )

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