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This guide is intended to help any faculty, graduate, or undergraduate student find resources in the history of science.


The history of science is not a department at USC, however, courses pertaining to this subject are given in the history department and the philosophy department. CORE 103 deals with the history of biological thought. Even classes in literature can deal with one or more of the revolutions in science. This LibGuide is intended to help students find reference resources, books, and journal articles on the history of science from antiquity to the 20th century for their own interest or whether it is for a course. This guide is divided into: (1) Reference Resources in the History of Science; (2) Finding Books in the History of Science; and (3) Finding Journal Articles in the History of Science.

Top Databases

The major databases to find articles in the history of science are: (1) History of Science, Technology and Medicine. Not only does it index and abstract articles, but also book reviews, and conference papers. (2) ProQuest Research Library indexes many full text articles in the history of science. (3) There is also another full text article database from Wilson Web called General Science Full Text.


Besides the above databases, also look at Historical Abstracts, America: History and Life, Philosopher’s Index, and Biology Digest.

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