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The USC Libraries are committed to supporting the General Education Curriculum. The learning resources provided on this guide are designed specifically for General Education Seminars, but could be used in, or adapted for, any General Education course to meet the Core Literacy Learning Objectives. 

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Collaboration with the Libraries

This guide is a growing collection of resources for students to develop research and information literacy skills, while working toward the learning objectives of the GE seminars and the GE Core as a whole. This guide was started with library-developed resources. The libraries will continue to add to the guide, but we hope that GE faculty will also contribute their own assignments and activities to this collection. If you are interested in contributing resources to this collection, or in collaborating with a librarian to develop assignments, activities, instructional modules, or library instruction classes, please contact Elizabeth Galoozis (contact information in the right-hand column).

The activities and resources on this guide can be used on their own, or in combination. For example, you might follow a library instruction class with a homework assignment asking students to explore library resources in the context of a course-specific topic.

Information Literacy in the GE Seminars

Information Literacy Outcomes for GE Seminars:

Students should be able to:

  • Evaluate ideas from multiple perspectives in order to represent a multifaceted, multidisciplinary scholarly conversation
  • Formulate a research question of an appropriate scope that addresses a perceived gap in disciplinary knowledge or examines fundamental disciplinary knowledge

  • Identify the contributions that different types of information sources (e.g., experimental  research, creative works, primary sources, theory) make to disciplinary  knowledge

  • Demonstrate ability to create and communicate knowledge to diverse audiences


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Please Give Us Feedback!

We welcome feedback on any of the learning objects on this page, the format and content of this research guide, and any other feedback you may have. Please email Elizabeth Galoozis at with comments or questions.


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