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Financial Databases Help Guides: Home

"How to Guides' for selected Financial Databases including Bloomberg, Capital IQ, Thomson One, WRDS.


Detailed instructions for Bloomberg can be found on the Bloomberg Research Guide:

  • Bloomberg authored guides and  Cheat Sheets
  • How to Create an Account
  • How to find Company and Industry data on Bloomberg
  • How Get Certified (learn Bloomberg and become a certifed user)
  • Job Listings on Bloomberg
  • M&A on Bloomberg

Bloomberg terminals are located in the Accounting LIbrary, Crocker Library (Hoffman Hall, 2nd Floor) & JKP Computer Lab

Thomson One

Equities information and Wall Street analyst reports, news and financial information on companies and industries.

Use the attached guide for searching Analsyt's reports and reports from MarketLine and GlobalData that contain SWOT analysis.

SDC Platinum

Find data on M&A's, IPOS's, global new issues and venture capital funding. For access instructions and a step-by-step guide to creating an M&A report, please see attached instructions. 

Capital IQ Help Guides

Capital IQ terminals are located in the Crocker Library and JKP Lab (2nd Floor).  Students can get an account only when professors request an account for them.  This is mostly reserved for those who are in a finance or accounting class.

Use Capital IQ to access detailed financial and transactions data on companies.  Users can screen for companies meeting user defined criteria on numerous datapoints (e.g. Companies in a specific industry with an market cap of $1 billion; or Mergers & Acquisitions that meet specific criteira that can be used as 'comps.'

Capital IQ has information on public and private companies.

Wharton Research Data Service - WRDS

Collection of databases designed for standardized quantitative analysis. Available datasets include:

  • CBOE Indexes
  • Compustat - Annual & Quarterly Fundamentals, Accounting data, Security data and 'Other Data' 
  • CRISP - Comprehensive Research in Securities Prices  (price, returns, and volumes)
  • Fama French Liquidity & Liquidity Factors
  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • First Call
  • GSIOnline
  • I/B/I/S - Target price, forecasts, consensus estimates, etc.  by analysts - Integrated with Thomson Reuters' First Call, now discontinued (2012)
  • Penn World Tables
  • SEC Order Execution
  • TAQ (NYSE's Trades & Quotes)
  • Thomson Reuters - Trades and Ownership Databases, 13F, Mutual Funds & Issuers       

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