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USC Viterbi Citation Data Collection: Home

A short tutorial on how to collect quantitative data for the USC Viterbi School of Engineering's tenure and promotion dossier

Guide Information

This guide is maintained by the librarian listed in the right column. Please contact the librarian if you have any questions regarding the guide or the particular steps.

*This guide is under going some esthetic changes. No changes have been made to any of the content.


This guide has been created in cooperation with the USC Viterbi Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs. This guide includes a basic how-to guide on finding the necessary quantitative data for the school's promotion dossier. If you need assistance, or have a particularly complex issue, please contact the librarian listed on the right column.

The tabs along the top of the page provide screen-by-screen steps to find the required quantitative data.

Below is a set of shortcuts to library resources.

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