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COMM 502: Research Process

Theoretical Approaches to Multidisciplinary Design Projects

Research Process Overview

The research process typically includes five broad steps. Most often you complete one step before moving onto the next. However, there may be times when you will need to return to a previous step or complete multiple steps simultaneously.

Step 1.Brain storm
 Develop Research Questions  I Find Background Information

Create a Concept Map Video

Step 2.  Create a Concept map | identify Keywords-- Create a Concept Map (view the brief video)
 Books | Databases | Websites | Search Strategies

Step 3. Revise
List research question | Group similar questions

Step 4. Focus
Select a research question| oes not rely primarily on interview data

Step 5. Reflection
Narrowed research questions to the top three questions |
Will the research question address a relevant, meaningful, and under researched problem? | Does the question deal with a topic or issue of  interest? | Does it challenge or question current knowledge practices, theories, or assumptions, and will help to improve a situation?


adapted from the work of Norman Blaikie in Designing Social Research

Information Life Cycle

Flow of Information