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China in Documentary Film (Leavey Library): Human Rights

Human Rights

Human Rights in China: The Search for Common Ground
"Documentary explores human rights practices in China and the response of many in the West who believe that these practices are violations of Chinese citizens' rights. Scholars, government officials, and activists do not always agree on the controversial issues within the context of China's culture, history, and economy."

People of Tibet, The: Silence, Prison or Exile
"The people from Tibet have faced continuous violations of their fundamental human rights during more than four decades. Those individuals who have lifted their voices to reveal the truth in Tibet, have been constantly punished. The Tibetan people represent the protection of a culture, an identity, and a different civilization. This is a documentary shot entirely in Tibetan refugee camps and gathers the experiences of men and women who have expressed what they are, what they feel and their desires of a better world."

Shang fang = Petition
"A harrowing investigation into China's legal system, this documentary takes us inside the world of 'petitioners', people who come to Beijing from all over the country to seek justice against corrupt local officials and courts, only to find themselves waiting months or years (in some cases more than 10 years) for a hearing."

Wo men shi gong chan zhu yi sheng lüe hao =  We are the -- of Communism
"When the Yuanhai Migrants Children's School is shut down by city officials for unclear reasons, the students and teachers manage to continue classes where they can find room. These students face both social and administrative prejudice due to their families' marginalized status and are typically relegated to makeshift schools for migrants, with poor facilities and sporadic shutdowns by local officials. This documentary follows the personal journeys of the students as they battle bureaucratic corruption for their right to learn."