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Films About Film in the Leavey Library (DVDs): Actors


Anna May Wong: In Her Own Words
"Anna May Wong knew she wanted to be a movie star from the time she was a young girl--and by 17 she became one. A third generation Chinese-American, she went on to make dozens of films in Hollywood and Europe. She was one of the few actors to successfully transition from silent to sound cinema, co-starring with Marlene Dietrich, Anthony Quinn and Douglas Fairbanks along the way. She was glamorous, talented and cosmopolitan--yet she spent most of her career typecast either as a painted doll or a scheming dragon lady. For years, older generations of Chinese-Americans frowned upon the types of roles she played; but today a younger generation of Asian Americans sees her as a pioneering artist, who succeeded in a hostile environment that hasn't altogether changed. Yunah Hong's engrossing documentary is an entertaining and imaginative survey of Wong's career, exploring the impact Wong had on images of Asian American women in Hollywood, both then and now. Excerpts from Wong's films, archival photographs and interviews enhance this richly detailed picture of a woman and her extraordinary life."

Baby Peggy: The Elephant in the Room
"Hollywood discovered Peggy-Jean Montgomery when she was just nineteen months old and made her a star before she was two. By the time she was six, Baby Peggy had become one of the most popular stars in Hollywood. Stores even sold Baby Peggy products. By the age of eleven, she was broke, her money twice stolen by her family. Over the next six decades, this neglected child reinvented herself as Diana Serra Cary, a respected author, film historian and advocate for laws protecting child performers."

Carmen Miranda: Bananas Is My Business
"Using archival footage, film fragments, interviews, and dramatic re-enactments, acclaimed director Helena Solberg goes behind-the-scenes to convey the true life story of the 'Brazilian Bombshell', Carmen Miranda."

A Conversation with Gregory Peck
"A full length documentary and behind-the-scenes portrait of a Hollywood legend as he tours America and regales audiences in a one-man show, candidly answering questions and reminiscing about his life and career. Includes clips from many of his films and appearances by filmmaker Martin Scorsese, and actress Lauren Bacall, to name two."

Cooper & Hemingway: The True Gen
"Ernest Hemingway's extraordinary life and career has been exhaustively, but less thoroughly examined is his fascinating friendship with film icon Gary Cooper. The liberal, best-known writer of the 20th century and the tight-lipped, all-American 'common man' were complete opposites and yet the best of friends for over 20 years."

Life Is a Banquet: The Rosalind Russell Story
"A look at the life of actress Rosalind Russell on the 70th anniversary of some of her most famous films. Also explores Russell's role as a disabilities advocate after she was struck with severe rheumatoid arthritis."

"Using hours of audio-only taped interviews, learn about this normally reclusive star, from her childhood to her marriage, collaborators, life, death, and the Holocaust."