Writing 340 (Aubertin): In-Class Activity

Draft Research Guide for Aubertin's Writing 340


  • In this library session, each member of the group will search in a different database on your topic, and locate at least one source. Use the Databases by Subject page or one of the research guides below to choose and divide up databases.
  • Record the information about your searches and sources in this collaborative spreadsheet.
  • Discuss in your group the sources you found. How do they relate? Do they cite the same sources? Can you put them in a sequence?
  • Choose one article that your group found and look at the sources/references. Choose one source/reference and identify how the author of the original article used that source.

How to Evaluate Relevancy

  • Look at how many times the article was cited
  • Look at other works published by the author
  • Consider the date of the publication
  • Is the research relevant to the region or organization Wrigley/USC/Los Angeles...