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IR 210, International Relations: Introductory Analysis: Question 2

This course guide provides guidance on how to complete Analytical Exercise #1 in Dr. Lamy's IR 210 class.

Question 2:

What are at least two international concerns faced by leaders in the following states: Chile, Indonesia, Ghana, Denmark, and Tunesia. List your sources and they should be different for each country listed. (Try government websites).

Intended Learning Outcomes

The global issues and challenges that leaders must address is unique to that country due to the internal dynamics of culture, economics, politics, and related social issues. While international relations as a discipline frequently examines big global research problems such as climate change or nuclear nonproliferation, the way in which scholars must consider their impact is frequently measured through the lens of how individual countries effectively manage and attempt to resolve these issues internally. The only way to do that is to research and interpret the internal, contextualized mechanisms of political decision-making and policy-making within individual countries.

Research Approach

Since you cannot rely on only one source to identify issues of concern to leaders in these countries, you should begin by going to the online IR Research Guide and clicking on the "Country Information" tab. This reveals a variety of scholarly resources about individual countries.

As noted in the question, you can search the government websites of each country to find information about key issues that leaders are currently addressing. A good directory for finding official links to government websites and links to related sites is the Foreign Information by Country directory compiled by the University of Colorado Libraries.

Another very important database you can search is the EIU Country Reports database shown in the upper right-hand text box. When you enter the database, click on the "classic site" link and choose the country. Note that reports are published monthly so review one or more of the most recently published reports.