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IR 210, International Relations: Introductory Analysis: Question 1

This course guide provides guidance on how to complete Analytical Exercise #1 in Dr. Lamy's IR 210 class.

Question 1:

Find articles in well-known and regularly used by IR scholars academic journals that focus on five of the following topics:

  • Refugees in Europe
  • The increase in conventional arms sales
  • Responsibility to Protect and the ICC [International Criminal Court]
  • The English School of International Relations
  • Trade issues
  • Gender views on global poverty
  • Marxist views on religious extremism

Intended Learning Outcomes

Academic [a.k.a., scholarly or peer-reviewed] journal articles are an important means of disseminating research within the field of international relations. The purpose of this question is to help you understand how to find information in academic journals about research problems in international relations. Scholarly journal articles, along with books, government and international agency documents, and research center reports, will form the basis of your review and critical evaluation of existing literature about topics being investigated for papers assigned in IR courses.

Research Approach

Go to the main page of the USC Libraries and click on the "Research Guides" link below the search box. If it is among the most popular guides, click on the guide for International Relations, then click on the tab "Finding Articles in Databases." If it is not among the most popular guides, click on the drop-down menu for "Policy, Planning, and Governmental Affairs" and choose the IR research guide from there.

When you click on the tab "Finding Articles in Databases," it will reveal multiple text boxes with descriptions and links to various databases. There are four key databases to IR research located in the upper left-hand text box. Each of these databases provide, along with other sources, access to the most commonly cited journals in IR. They are:

  • Columbia International Affairs Online
  • IREON [International Relations and Area Studies Gateway]
  • Public Affairs Information Services [PAIS]
  • Worldwide Political Science Abstracts

HINT:  When searching these databases, click on the advanced search option to reveal multiple search boxes. Enter keywords from the subjects [not the entire phrase] in each box. Also, pay attention to the source because not everything in the databases is an article from a journal.