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Spreading the Word: Publishing Your Research & Extending Your Impact: Open-Access

This guide supports a scholarly communication workshop given in 2015.

What is Open Access?

Open Access means that the resource is freely available for viewing. There is a continuum of open access levels ranging from purcase only access to completely free and open no barrier publishing. Many publications that are subscription only may have an open-access option for some works. Open access is not related to the quality of the material or the peer-review status of the publication.

Types of Open Access

Green OA - refers to a level of open access where the author may self-archive published or pre-published works for free public use including in an institutional or disciplinary archive (dependent on publisher contracts).

Gold OA - refers to a level of open access where the work is published in an entirely open access journal.

Hybrid OA - refers to a journal that uses multiple economic models for publication including individual author fees to make their work open-access.

Open Access Materials

Some open access materials can be found indexed in library owned databases. The following resources are all open-access.

Additional Resources