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Financial Databases Help Guides: Capital IQ

"How to Guides' for selected Financial Databases including Bloomberg, Capital IQ, Thomson One, WRDS.

Capital IQ

Capital IQ provides company intelligence for over 62,000 public companies and 4.4 million private companies as well as markets data.

Use Capital IQ to access detailed financials and and transactions data on companies (e.g., IPO, M&A, Private Placement, etc.) Users can screen for companies meeting user defined criteria on numerous data points (e.g. Companies in a specific industry with an market cap of $1 billion; or Mergers & Acquisitions that meet specific criteria that can be used as 'comps.'). 

Capital IQ terminals are located in the Gaughan & Tiberti Library located in Fertitta Hall (1st Floor) and JKP Lab (2nd Floor).  Students can get an account only when professors request an account for them.  This is mostly reserved for those who are in a finance or accounting class


Capital IQ step-by-step guides

Capital IQ also  provides numerous instruction guides. Press 'Help' for topics (upper right)  or search for content. Training videos can be found under 'Popular Topics an include:

  • S&P Capital IQ Basics
  • Company Profiles
  • Financials
  • Screening 
  • Charting
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Alpha Factor Library
  • Marking Insight
  • PresCenter
  • Credit Analytics