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Historic Preservation in Architecture and the Built Environment: Research Guides in Related Disciplines

A selective guide to researching the history of built environments, landscapes and buildings, with special emphasis on sources related to Los Angeles. It was created in support of the Heritage Conservation Program at the USC School of Architecture.


Research Guide: Architecture

Research Guide: Sources in Architectural History

Research Guide: Sources in Landscape Architecture

Research Guide: Professional Practice in Architecture

Research Guide: Urband and Regional Planning - compiled by Dr. Robert V. Labaree, VKC Library.

Research Guide: Locating and Citing Images

Research Guide: Getting Permission to Use Architectural Archival Materials

Refereed and Juried Journals in the Design Fields - this is a guide eveloped by librarians at Pennsylvania State University to peer reviewed journals

Directory of Open access Journals in Architecture

Core List of Architecture Journals - guide courtesy of the Assocation of Architecture School Librarians.

Index to the journal Architect and Engineer, vol. 1-95, 1905-1928. Digitized by the Environmental Design Library at University of California, Berkeley, with the permission of the California Historical Society.