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Data on the Run: Data and Statistical Sources for Reference and Instruction: United States

ACRL Preconference Workshop, April 10th, 2013

Where to Start: U.S. Statistics

The traditional starting place for any librarian has been the Statistical Abstract of the United States. It is useful because it brings together a wide variety of statistical information from many different government agencies. You can look up a topic and then use the table information to track which agency may have more data. It is also an excellent resource for historical statistics and you can access earlier editiions online.

Because Congress discontinued funding for the compendium, ProQuest has created a subscription database and a print version starting in 2013. You can contact ProQuest for more information about the PQ Statistical Abstract.

U.S. Census & Related Sources

Offical U.S. Statistical Agenecies & Data Portals

In addition to the Census Bureau and census-related resources, there is strong tradition of statistical programs within the United States federal government. A comprehensive list of federal agencies with statistical programs can be found through FedStats.

Selected Supscription Sources