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Italian Language Feature Films in Leavey Library (DVDs): Titles Q-S

Titles Q-S


Le quattro volte
"With little dialogue, this film is a meditation on the mysterious cycles of life. Set in Italy's mountainous region of Calabria, it traces the path of one goatherder's soul as it passes from human to animal to vegetable to mineral. Director Michelangelo Frammartino was inspired by Pythagoras' belief in 'four-fold transmigration' of souls, but his film is far more physical than philosophical."

Questa notte è ancora nostra = The Night Is Still Ours
"Focuses on the tenderness between Massimo, who works as an undertaker's assistant but hopes to reach the big time with his rock band, and Jing, a Chinese girl whose eyes and family are the only thing Chinese about her. The film takes a look at how radically different worlds come together. In the midst of a comedy of errors, we find that desire and love know no cultural barriers."

La ragazza del lago: The Girl by the Lake
"When a beautiful young girl is found murdered in an idyllic northern Italy village, Inspector Giovanni Sanzio is called in from the capital to investigate. In a small town where nobody is what they seem, anyone could be capable of homicide and everyone may be hiding a dark secret, including Inspector Sanzio."

"A darkly comic look at Luciano, a charming and affable fishmonger whose unexpected and sudden obsession with being a contestant on the reality show Big Brother leads him down a rabbit hole of skewed perceptions and paranoia. So overcome by his dream of being on reality TV, Luciano's own reality begins to spiral out of control."

"A young man was raised to be a pacifist by a travelling preacher after Confederates massacred his family. But when his step-sister runs away, the pursuit reveals a natural talent as a sharp-shooter as well as a bloody and unexpected confrontation with his past."

Riso amaro
"During planting season in Northern Italy's Po Valley, an earthy rice-field worker falls in with a small-time criminal who is planning a daring heist of the crop, as well as his femme-fatale-ish girlfriend. Both a socially conscious look at the hardships endured by underpaid field workers and a melodrama tinged with sex and violence."

Rocco e i suoi fratelli
"The story of four poor Italian brothers and their mother who leave their country home and move to bustling Milan with hopes of improving their bitter fortune. The family is thrown into chaos when two of the brothers are torn apart by their love for the same woman and their struggles to succeed in a viciously competitive world."

"A film adaptation of Federico Fellini's reminiscences of Rome before World War II, as compared to the present as it was when the film was originally produced (1972.)"

Rome Open City
"When the Nazis occupied Rome, a brave few fought against it. An underground agent who is cornered by the Germans in a certain quarter of Rome, flees the Germans. In the course of his flight he imperils his resistance friends."

The Sack of Rome
"The film takes place in 1527 when German mercenaries invaded Rome and began a horrific course of looting and destruction. The story is told from the point of view of an artist whose way of life is changed forever."

Salò: The 120 Days of Sodom
"At Mussolini's holdout in northern Italy, four Fascists kidnap a group of young men and women. The victims move through three increasingly violent and perverse phases at the hands of their tormentors, culminating in ritualistic death. Considered by many the most disturbing film ever made."

Salvatore Giuliano
"A documentary-style drama chronicling the rise and fall of the title character, a real-life Mob chieftain who rose to prominence in post-WWII Sicily."

"Salvo is a body guard and hit man for a mafioso. After foiling an attack on his employer, Salvo hunts down the man who organised it and encounters the man's blind sister. She causes Salvo to question himself and his existence."

Saturn in Opposition
"The hosts of regular gatherings are the dynamic Lorenzo and his life partner, the successful writer Davide. The somewhat uptight Angelica is helping to prepare the food, while her Antonio has yet to appear. The guest list is the abrasive Neval and her husband Roberto, Davide's ex, Sergio, the spirited Roberta, and a new arrival, the budding writer Paolo. These 40-somethings will remember the carefree existence of the past two decades."

Lo sceicco bianco = The White Sheik
"Ivan Cavalli brings his new wife Wanda to Rome on the least romantic honeymoon in history--a rigid schedule of family meetings and an audience with the Pope. But Wanda, dreaming of the dashing hero of a photo-strip cartoon, drifts off in search of the White Sheik, thus setting off a slapstick comedy."

La sconosciuta = The Unknown Woman
"Irena is a mysterious Ukrainian woman with a secret who works her way into the lives of an Italian, affluent young family. She stops at nothing to become the couple's trusted maid and beloved nanny to their fragile young daughter. But deep cracks underneath Irena's dedication soon become apparent as her horrific past and chilling obsession are revealed."

Sedotta e abbandonata = Seduced and Abandoned
"An Italian girl is seduced by her sister's boyfriend, setting in motion a chain of events which looks with tongue in cheek at the Sicilian code of honor, as the patriarch of the family tries to get the scoundrel to do right by his daughter."

"The story of a nineteenth century Italian countess who, amid the Austrian occupation of her country, puts her marriage and political principles on the line by engaging in a torrid affair with a dashing Austrian lieutenant."

Shoeshine = Sciuscià
"In post WWII Italy, Giuseppe and Pasquale work on the street shining the shoes of American troops. But when the boys are falsely accused of a crime, they are sent to a brutal state juvenile detention center."

Short Skin
"This summer, Edoardo vows to lose his virginity despite suffering from a painful condition that will make it difficult."

La Siciliana ribelle
"Dramatic retelling of the story of Rita Atria, a 17-year-old Sicilian girl whose father and brother were both Mafia members (and victims) who break the vow of silence that enshrouds that world, and gives evidence to famed anti-Mafia judge Paolo Borsellino. Her days are numbered from that moment on. She only has nine months to live."

Sodoma: The Dark Side of Gamorrah
"Ciro, Marco and Ettore are three friends who dream of becoming big shots in the world of organized crime. Actually, what they're looking for is a permanent employment rather than non-stop gun action, extortion and dealing. Daddone, on the other side, is totally frustrated with the outcome of his criminal career and dreams of a coup that would make him the godfather of the gangs in town. Unfortunately, no one takes him seriously, least of all his own wife."

I soliti ignoti = Big Deal on Madonna Street
"Five men conspire to burglarize a small-time jeweler's safe. When the time comes to carry out the scheme, the men become hopelessly clumsy and have to eventually give up and go home."

The Son's Room
"A family struggles to go on after a devastating loss. Giovanni (Moretti) is a psychiatrist with a successful practice. He has a warm relationship with his wife, Paola (Morante), and they have a daughter, Irene (Trinca) and a son, Andrea (Sanfelice). The family's calm is shattered when Andrea is unexpectedly killed in an accident. Giovanni finds it impossible to continue with his work, and blames himself for the death, since he was planning to go jogging with Andrea that morning before he was called away for a patient. His wife and daughter tried to keep their emotions in check, but both sink further into anger and grief. And then the appearance of an unexpected visitor forces the family to confront their feelings about Andrea. Arianna (Vigliar) is a girl who had a summer romance with Andrea the year before, and has come to town to pay him a surprise visit, unaware of his recent death."

Il sorpasso
"A waggish, free-wheeling bachelor and a bookish law student take a madcap trip from Rome to rural Southern Italy."

A Special Day
"On the day of a huge rally celebrating Hitler's visit to Rome, which underscored the infamous alliance between the Nazis and Mussolini's fascist regime, a brief encounter between a weary housewife and a radio announcer unfolds into an intimate drama."

Stay As You Are
"Roue Giulio Marengo is unhappy in his marriage and starts a romance with the young and beautiful girl, Florentine. When he finds out through his wife that she may be his daughter, he has to make a decision."

La stella che non c'è
"Story about an idealistic Italian machinist who finds his world view altered when he travels with a young female guide into the heart of China's new industrial landscape in an effort to replace defective technology."

La Strada = The Road
"Directed by Federico Fellini, the story of a fragile girl who falls in love with a brutal circus performer she was sold to by her mother."

"After World War II, a Lithuanian refugee marries a simple Italian fisherman she meets in a prisoner of war camp and accompanies him back to his isolated village on an island off the coast of Sicily. Cut off from the world, she finds herself crumbling emotionally, but she is destined for a dramatic epiphany."