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Finding Aid: Robin Dunitz California and Los Angeles Murals Files: Geographic Files



Classification: G for geography, followed by an accession number.


G-1. Balmy Alley; San Francisco. 4 items

G-2. Burbank/Glendale. 7 items

G-3. California Mural Towns. 1 item

G-4. California State University at Long Beach Mural Class at VA Hospital. 18 items

G-5. Cayucos Mural Society. 23 items

G-6. Chicano Park; San Diego. 10 items

G-7. Claremont/Pomona. 32 items

G-8. Downtown Los Angeles. 55 items

G-9. East Los Angeles Murals. 80 items

G-10. Echo Park/Silverlake. 22 items

G-11. Eureka, CA. 8 items

G-12. El Segundo. 4 items

G-13. Fresno Area Murals. 14 items

G-14. Highland Park. 7 items

G-15. Hollywood Area. 20 items

G-16. Lake Tahoe Heritage Murals. 1 item

G-17. Alturas, Northern California. 2 items

G-18. Lompoc, CA. 32 items

G-19. Long Beach area. 44 items

G-20. Los Angeles area murals. 20 items

G-21. Mid City (Los Angeles). 14 items

G-22. Oakland. 5 items

G-23. Oceanside. Barrio Arte. 1 item

G-24. Palm Desert. 2 items

G-25. Pasadena. 20 items

G-26. Rincon Annex Post Office, San Francisco. 2 items

G-27. San Diego Artists and Muralists. 33 items

G-28. San Fernando Valley murals. 38 items

G-29. San Francisco murals. 23 items

G-30. Coit Tower; San Francisco. 2 items

G-31. Galeria de la Raza; San Francisco. 2 items

 G-32. Maestrapeace; San Francisco. 7 items

G-33. Precita Eyes Mural Art Center; San Francisco. 10 items

G-34. San Joaquin Valley murals. 9 items

G-35. San Jose area. 8 items

G-36. San Pedro. 6 items

G-37. Santa Barbara area. 12 items

G-38. Santa Cruz County. 4 items

G-39. Santa Monica. 12 items

G-40. Seacliff Village, Huntington Beach. 24 items

G-41. Self Help Graphics Arts Center; Boyle Heights. 5 items

G-42. Sonoma County. 9 items

G-43. South Los Angeles. 40 items

G-44. Susanville, Lassen County. 13 items

G-45. Twentynine Palms. 26 items

G-46. Venice. 13 items

G-47. Venice; Graffiti Pit. 5 items

G-48. Ventura county murals. 9 items

G-49. Watts, Compton, Vernon. 14 items

G-50. West Los Angeles. 34 items

G-51. Lindsay, California. 3 items

G-52. San Fernando Valley Bar Association. 1 item

G-53. Norco. 1 item

 G-54. Franklin Middle School. 1 item

G-55. Del Mar Library. 1 item

G-56. Vista, California. 1 item

G-57. Santa Paula. 1 item

G-58. Tulare County. 2 items