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United States Federal Government Documentation: Branches, Departments, Agencies

Access to information and documentation of the branches of the United States Government with links to international document guides

Branches of the United States Government

Depending upon your objective, several ways to access federal government information could be helpful:  Ben's Guide to U. S. Government is a basic (for kids) but helpful resource if you are just beginning to explore the complexities of the federal government and GPO Access is a good place to search for news and current events regarding federal government information, particularly with the A-Z resource list. 

Library Of Unified Information Sources (LOUIS) -- a comprehensive, completely indexed and cross-referenced depository of federal documents from the executive and legislative branches of government. Currently contains, in fully searchable format, seven sets of federal documents: Congressional Reports, Congressional Record, Congressional Hearings, the Federal Register, Presidential Documents, GAO Reports, and Bills and Resolutions.

Please note this database can also be accessed through USC electronic resources linked to the USC Libraries website. 


The Legislative branch of the United States Government includes:
·THOMAS - legislative information from the Library of Congress
OpenCongress -- A project of the Sunlight Foundation combines official government data with news coverage, blog posts, etc. in a free, open source and non-partisan web resource.
•opencrs -- a project of the Center for Democracy and Technology provides access to full-text Congressional Research Services Reports in the public domain.


The Executive branch is accessed through the White House website, which feadures information on the Presidential Transition, US Economy, National Security, Environment, and other relevant issues; and links to Press Briefings and Executive Orders.
        The Living Room Candidate Presidential campaign commercials, 1952-2008 from the Museum of the Moving Image
           The American Presidency Project -- From the University of California, Santa Barbara, this inclusive online archive
         contains more than 75,700 documents related to the study of the Presidency. 
•Oyez -- a multi-media archive of all audio recorded in the Supreme Court since October 1955, authoritative information on all justices, and a virtual reality tour of portions of the Supreme Court building, including chambers of some justices.

US Government Departments and Agencies

Department of the Treasury

  Report published January 2009 - Progress Toward Security and Stability in Afghanistan

   Watch for the Office of E- Government and Information Technology website coming soon
   transitioning federal government information delivery -- (helpful User Guide is available). 

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