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European Union Documentation: European Union Institutions

A guide to finding European Union print and online documentation.

Quick links for locating EU materials

The European Union provides extensive online access to its publications and institutions

A search in HOMER, the USC Libraries online catalog, will be helpful in locating print documents. 

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Publications Office 

Bulletin of the European Union  

Official Journal of the European Union      

TED Supplement to the Official JournalWorking papers and documents of the European Parliament, the European Economic and Social Committee, and the Council of the European Union

European Union Institutions

The European Commission drafts legislation, manages and implements EU policies and budget, and enforces European Law jointly with the Court of Justice The Council of the European Union is the principal decision-making body and coordinates responsibilities and sets overall European Union policies. The European Parliament passes European laws jointly with the Council and adopts or rejects the EU budget in a shared authority with the Council. The European Court of Justice was established by a 1925 Treaty. Its decisions and rulings are binding.

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The European Economic and Social Committee came into existence with the 1957 Treaty of Rome to represent employees, trade unions, farmers, consumers, and other civil society in policy discussions with the Commission, Council, and Parliament.

The Committee of the Regions is an advisory board representing Europe’s regional and local authorities.

The European Central Bank, established in 1998, is responsible for framing and implementing EU monetary policy and managing the Euro. [Statistics]

The European Investment Bank, established by the 1958 Treaty of Rome, lends money for projects of European interest, such as rail and roads, airports, and the environment.

The European Investment Fund is a specialized financial body to promote the creation and growth of European small businesses.

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