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Reading Early Printed Books: Printers & Booksellers

A Guide to the Book as Artifact

Selected List of Booksellers

Selected List of Publishers

Follow the links to find books using the publisher's names below. Click on the "EX" link to see visual examples of each term.

Allot - EX Del Bo - EX
Escuer - EX Field - EX
Fifield - EX Fugger - EX
Smith - EX Tyler - EX

Printers & Booksellers of Early Printed Books

The earliest printed books identified the persons who printed the book in a colophon on the last page of text and sometimes by a "printer's device" representing the printers shop.

Colophon of Tommaso Bozzola of Brescia in Martino Alfonso Vivaldo's Candelabrum aureum eccl. s. Dei (1593) BX1758.V5 C3 1593

Identification of responsibility migrated to the title page, and by the seventeenth century booksellers or other individuals with capital ("publishers") took on responsibility for production. Mention of the printing shop began to disappeared.

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