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Bloomberg: Jobs Page

Tips and resources to support the use of Bloomberg terminals at USC

Bloomberg Job Search

Bloomberg's 'Job page' can be found typing 'JOBS' in the top left hand corner.  JOBS is also the mneumonic,so you can press JOBS <GO> to skip the menu below. 

The JOBS page allows perform a JOB SEARCH, find RECRUITERS and allows you to set preferences for Job locations, events and recruiters by selecting OPTIONS.   You can also BUILD YOUR RESUME allowng others to search for and view your resume. Use the Bloomberg template to builds a resume, and add any attachments.  Bloomoberg users, including recruiters can search resumes.  You can also view other users resumes. 

 This example below shows results when OPTIONS have been limited to the LOS ANGLES area.  You will see 4 jobs available as of the current date; a upcoming Seminar (click on the title for more details, such as details and locaton), and the RECRUITERS in LOS ANGELES, since there are not any as of this day in LOS ANGELES (on Bloomberg), you may want to expand the region to the WEST COAST, or even nationally.

Employers can search for studnets using BAT - Bloomberg Aptititue Test scores.  The BAT is not the same as the Certification, it measures your finance aptitude.  You cannot really study for it. It is free thoough 2013, for more information and registration go to:   Bloomberg Apptitude Test - Students