Learning Support: Information for Professors

Resources for students in the Suzanne Dworak Peck School School of Social Work's MSW, MSN, and DSW programs.

Information for Professors

Referring a Student

Refer a student to learning support in one of two ways:

1) Fill out a professor referral card and give it to the student.

  • The card contains instructions for the student to make an appointment.
  • We distribute cards in professor mailboxes at the beginning of each semester. To request more, please email SOWK.LearningSupport@usc.edu

2) Email SOWK.LearningSupport@usc.edu:

  • The student's name (please also cc the student)
  • A short description of the issue for which you are referring the student. Any specifics you can provide are welcome.
  • We will then reach out to the student with an overview of the services we provide and encourage the student to book an appointment.

Class Visits

You may email us at SOWK.LearningSupport@usc.edu at any time during the semester to schedule a classroom visit, though we do ask you give us at least 2 weeks' advance notice. We can do a short (10 minute) introduction to learning support and the resources we provide or set up longer, subject-specific sessions. Please let us know ideal dates at times for the visit, what you would like us to cover, and any additional pertinent details.